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oos E-Newsletter #179: More Hidden Ticket Costs

In recent newsletters, we’ve discussed what’s really at stake when you plead guilty or no contest to a traffic violation, as well as how to find information that will help you fight your case.You should also consider the impact of a guilty verdict…

oos E-Newsletter #173: Pleading Guilty or No Contest Could Cost More Than You Think

What’s at stake when you get a traffic ticket? A fine. Maybe a couple of points on your license. Pay up and move on, right? What if you found out later that you had to pay an additional penalty due to the nature of your infraction? Would you have …

oos E-Newsletter #170: 2012 First Quarter Legislative Update

The oos is constantly advocating for motorists’ rights at the national, state and local level. Legislatures across the country took up a broad range of motorists’ issues in the first quarter of 2012. Here’s brief summary of the driving-related iss…

oos E-Newsletter #166 – DNA Sampling at Traffic Stops: Ways to Protect Your Privacy

In a recent E-newsletter (#163, DNA Sampling for Motorists: The Latest Threat to Privacy) we reviewed the case of People v. Thomas in which a motorist was subjected to DNA testing without his knowledge or consent. The court denied his motion to su…

oos E-Newsletter #163 – DNA Sampling for Motorists: The Latest Threat to Privacy

Drivers face all kinds of threats to their privacy, and one area sure to garner increasing scrutiny is the collection of DNA samples during traffic stops. A recent example comes from California with the case of People v. Thomas. Motorist Troy Cors…

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