74 Alerts From the REVENUE GENERATION Tag

oos E-Newsletter #248: Seeing Yellow before Red

By Gary Biller, oos President At the heart of the red-light camera debate is the signal timing for the yellow light. Do the cameras improve intersection safety by modifying driver behavior through punishment or are they a financial windfall for local and state governments and the for-profit camera companies? The answer depends largely on whether […]

oos E-Newsletter #238: An Easy Way to Speak Up

Summer is a great time to set pen to paper or fingers to keyboard and write a letter to your local newspaper or to an elected official. Many oos members have been doing just that so we thought we would share a few examples to inspire you. Executive Director of the oos Base Board Jim […]

oos E-Newsletter #219: Resistance is Not Futile

Profiteers from photo tickets, whether camera companies like ATS or Redflex, or the communities who plan on red-light and speed camera ticket revenue to prop up their budget deficits, would have you believe otherwise. They are waging an ongoing (a…

oos E-Newsletter #217: Red-Light Camera Message Gaining Traction

The oos staff spends a lot of time responding to media requests. Everyone from local radio reporters to network news correspondents us looking for quotes, comments or background information on a variety of driving-related stories. Recently…

oos E-Newsletter #207: Where the Motorist Meets Up with the Internet Highway

The oos designed its network of websites to be educational destinations. We are constantly revising and adding to the content to keep our readers current with developments on key issues that affect motorists’ rights. Knowledge is the most importan…