40 Alerts From the SPEEDING Tag

oos Email Newsletter: Issue #87

Post Labor Day Blues If you were traveling this past Labor Day weekend there’s a chance you won the speed trap lottery and are now the not so happy possessor of a traffic ticket. Or, your wife/husband, girlfriend, son or daughter, friend, or co-wo…

oos Email Newsletter: Issue #82

In Tough Economic Times, Ticket Revenue Props Up City and State Budgets Over the past 12 months, the national article that has stirred up the most media interest in terms of interview requests with the oos was this one published by the USA Today i…

oos Email Newsletter: Issue #78

Law Enforcement is Skeptical Too Members of several small cities in north St. Louis (MO) County are banding together to create what they call an “accident-reduction corridor” along Interstate 70. Their plan is to coordinate speed enforcement patro…

oos Email Newsletter: Issue #77

YouTube Video vs. Wiretap Laws Anthony Graber, a Maryland Air National Guard staff sergeant, was stopped for exceeding the speed limit on I-95 outside of Baltimore by 15 mph. Graber was on his Honda motorcycle and, typical for most of his highway …

oos Email Newsletter: Issue #70

A New Contender For The “Worst Drivers” Title? It’s long been a component of American folklore that young girls are much safer drivers than young boys—the accident statistics say so. Like a lot of folklore, the conclusions drawn from personal ex…

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