30 Alerts From the TEXTING Tag

oos E-Newsletter #201: The Latest, Old-Fashioned Way to Write a Letter

In this era of micro messaging (think Twitter and texting), sometimes it pays to sit down and tell your elected officials what you think with a good, old-fashioned … email.That’s right. An email message to an elected official, if carefully constru…

oos E-Newsletter #198: I Spy With My Little Eye

Over the last few years, the oos has called attention to the problems associated with bans on cell phone use and texting while driving. Studies find that bans simply don’t reduce accidents, and drivers don’t pay attention to them. Plus there are m…

E-Newsletter #193: Anti-texting Campaign Stirs Member Response

The subject of texting while driving always elicits strong reactions from oos members. Last week’s E-newsletter (#192: It Can Wait) describing a public awareness campaign to discourage texting while driving prompted many thoughtful responses. We t…

E-Newsletter #192: It Can Wait

The most common “third rail” issue in modern politics – a position defined as being divisive enough to cause certain career electrocution – is Social Security reform. A close second, and on display this electoral season, is proposed modifications …

oos E-Newsletter #186: No Drive to Drive

By John Bowman, oos Communications DirectorGetting a driver’s license used to be viewed as a rite of passage, a sign of maturity. So, why has this golden ticket to independence and happiness lost its luster with so many young people?The facts are …

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