29 Alerts From the YELLOW LIGHT Tag

oos Email Newsletter: Issue #64

The Magic of Yellow Or, perhaps the title should be, “The Magic of Time.” All it takes to expose the fallacy of red-light camera programs is 0.5 to 1.5 seconds. About the time it takes you to swallow a gulp of water. Less time than it takes to twe…

oos Email Newsletter: Issue #60

Getting In Sync In dealing with the scourge of red-light cameras, we spend a great deal of time educating the driving public, mostly via the media, that basic engineering solutions have been proven to significantly improve traffic safety at busy i…

oos Email Newsletter: Issue #58

Ticket Cameras in USA Today The USA Today ed the oos recently and asked for an opposing viewpoint to their editorial decision to support the use of red-light cameras. Jim Baxter was asked to respond in no more than 350 words, so rather than…

oos Email Newsletter: Issue #45

Exposing The Truth About Red Light Camera Programs The Oostwestthuisbest has filed a public records request with Orlando, Florida in order to investigate the city’s red-light camera enforcement program, the largest in the state of Flo…

oos Email Newsletter: Issue #41

Many Red Light Camera Programs Don’t Follow The Law The upcoming Nov/Dec 2009 issue of Driving Freedoms will include a story about three California communities that have skirted state law while operating their photo enforcement programs. Many loca…

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