Call Today to help rid Florida of Red-Light Cameras once and for all!

Dear oos Florida Members,

 This alert was prepared by the Liberty First Network.

 by Senator Travis Hutson (R) D-7 would repeal the use of red-light cameras in Florida.

Red-light cameras have become a public hazard. Numerous studies show increased accidents at red light camera intersections proving what we always knew, that Red-light cameras were not about safety and were all about revenue.

The city of Jacksonville is ending their use of red light cameras. The reason why is that they know what we have been saying for years, that red light cameras increase accidents, not prevent them. Jacksonville Sheriff Mike Williams has realized this as he announced the end of cameras in Jacksonville;

“We know through data now that we don’t reduce crashes with red light cameras, we know that. And we’ve got enough of a snapshot of data to say that’s not happening. The program will go away, because the safety benefits just aren’t there.”

The House red light camera repeal bill HB 6001 is ready to be voted on for final passage in the House. It is time for the Senate to take up SB 176.

For more information on oos objections to red-light cameras, Click HERE.


Call and e-mail Senator George Gainer, Chair of the Transportation Committee and ask him to schedule SB 176 Traffic Infraction Detectors on the next Transportation Committee meeting agenda.

IMPORTANT: Call the District office first on this action alert:

District Office: 850-747-5454



Senator George Gainer
[email protected]
Tallahassee Office: 850-487-5002
District Office: 850-747-5454

Thank for your support of defeating red-light cameras once and for all in Florida.


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