Louisiana HB 457 – Provides for the designation of a strict speed enforcement zone in the village of Robeline

UPDATE April 25, 2019: Passed House on 97 to 0 vote, sent to Senate, referred to  Transportation Committee. HB 457 was introduced on March 29, 2019 and then referred to the Committee on Transportation, Highways and Public Works. The Committee reported the bill out with amendments where it passed a 3rd reading in the House. […]

Illinois HB 2373 – Provides that no agency of the State shall disclose the personal information of a driver with a driver’s license issued by the State

HB 2373 was introduced on February 13, 2019, was referred to the House Rules Committee and then assigned to the Transportation: Vehicles & Safety Committee. As of March 29, the bill was re-referred to the Rules Committee. As the title of the bill makes clear, enactment would prohibit any state agency from sharing the personal […]

Iowa HF 658 – A bill for an act increasing certain penalties for speeding in a motor vehicle, providing for the use of the additional moneys, and including applicability provisions

HF 658 was introduced on March 8, 2019 and referred to the House Public Safety Committee. No hearing or vote has been scheduled. The bill increases fines for speeding violations pretty much across the board. HF 658’s title is rather telling: Increase speeding penalties and provide for the use of additional monies raised. This isn’t […]

North Carolina SB 29 – Move Over Law/Increase Penalties

UPDATE April 18, 2019: Bill was re-referred to House Committee on Rules, Calendar, and Operations. SB 29 was introduced in the Senate on February 25, 2019. It passed a third reading in the Senate on February 25 and was sent to the House. It passed first reading in the House and was referred to the […]

The IIHS: When a New Study is Not New and Not a Study—oos E-Newsletter #535

By Gary Biller, oos President  Every two or three years, the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) splashes the media with a recycled report of how many deaths have occurred due to raised speed limits. And reporters dutifully echo it as gospel because sensational headlines like, “Speed limit increases are tied to 37,000 deaths over […]