8 Blog Posts From October 2008

Ford’s MyKey System: The Rise Of The Mom Culture

By Eric Peters, Automotive Columnist Yesterday’s tyrannies came to us in the name of the people – or the race or the nation. We may get ours in the name of the children. At least, when it comes to our cars and what we’re allowed to do with them. Ford has just revealed a new […]

How To Protect Your Rights During A Traffic Stop

The Flex Your Rights Base has an interesting article on their website on how you can protect your civil rights when dealing with the police during a traffic stop. Their six tips are: Keep Your Private Items Out of View Be Courteous & Non-Confrontational Just Say “No” to Warrantless Searches Determine if You Can Leave […]

Should The Driving Age Be Raised To 18?

By Eric Peters, Automotive Columnist Is 16 too young to drive? If you’re 16. you probably think not. But it’s those over 16 — adults like the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety’s Adrian Lund — who will get to be the deciders on this one. Lund and some others want to push the age at […]

How To Objectively Identify Unsafe Drivers

By Eric Peters, Automotive Columnist For years I have been arguing that the most objective — and perhaps, definitive — measure of a driver’s ability to drive safely is whether he or she has been involved in an at-fault accident. Speeding tickets, for example, don’t really tell us whether a person is a safe/competent driver. […]

Short Red-Light Camera Grace Period Leads To Ticket Refunds

Last week, Daniel Rubin of the Philadelphia Inquirer publicized the story of a local driver who was unjustly ticketed: Mike Kochkodin didn’t think his car blew the traffic signal on Roosevelt Boulevard. But a few days after the white light flashed, a $100 ticket arrived by mail at his Central Pennsylvania home. […] When the […]

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