36 Blog Posts From December 2017

LIDAR—Expensive but Necessary for a Driverless Car, Part 3

LIDAR—Expensive but Necessary for a Driverless Car, Part 3

The oos Base presents The Car of the Future weekly feature: Check out Part 1 and Part 2 in this exclusive Car of the Future blog series LIDAR—Expensive but Necessary for a Driverless Car. Pedestrians could well be the Downfall of Driverless Cars Here is a possible scenario: Suburbanites who are driven to work in a driverless car […]

2017 Chrysler Pacifica Review

The oos Base presents Eric Peter’s Car Review, a weekly Saturday feature on the oos blog.  *  *  * Give ’em credit for not giving up. Chrysler — the company that invented the things — is the last of the Big Three to still have a minivan in its lineup. GM and Ford long ago said […]

In the Rearview: Ferrari 365 GTB4/Daytona (1968-1973)

By Eric Peters, excerpted from his forthcoming book, Doomed. The last of a thing is often a cause for nostalgia, even regret. The new thing may be objectively superior and hard to fault by the numbers. But something’s been lost, just the same. And the thing will never be the same again. Art deco-era steam […]

A look back at 2017

As 2017 ends, here’s a look back at some of the driving news. Some things don’t change. Around the country, a few VIPs got caught but most got away with saying “do you know who I am?” Our gas tax dollars paid police to write speeding tickets. States considered bills to keep drivers from blocking […]

What is a “classic” car?

The term ‘classic car’ is one that is open to a great deal of speculation and there are no hard and fast rules as to whether a certain car is a classic or not. Some countries have Classic car clubs that have registered lists that are considered to be acceptable, but these lists will vary […]