2019 Detroit Auto Show and CES 2019—the Razzle and the Dazzle

Last week on the oos Auto Tech Watch blog, I showcased all the interesting products coming out of the 2019 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) with regards to auto tech. This week, more articles are coming your way another load of announcements, interviews, etc. coming out of the 2019 Detroit Auto Show or the official title North American International Auto Show (NAIAS) which closes today, January 20, 2019. This will be the last year that NAIAS takes place on the heels of CES. Detroit plans to reboot the NAIAS in June 2020 due to the competition with CES and probably the always frigid winter weather that everyone has to cope with in January in Detroit.

Anyhoo…here are some of the articles we were able to find from both events. Enjoy!

Consumer Electronics Show–Articles from January 11 – 17, 2019 

General Auto Tech

  • Automakers will turn heads at CES 2019 — but check out those technologies
  • A glimpse of the future of autonomy at CES
  • Payments Take the Driver’s Seat in Connected Cars at CES 2019
  • What CES 2019 told us about the future of the auto industry

Connected Tech and Big Data

  • Cars Will Soon Be Monitoring Their Drivers and Selling the Data They Collect
  • We Hack a Car (It’s Way Easier than You Might Think)

The New Passenger Economy

  • Autonomous Vehicles and the Rise of the Passenger Economy at CES 2019
  • Vehicle screens go super-sized at CES as tech catches up
  • Warner Bros. And Intel Showcase the Future of Entertainment in Self-Driving Cars 

Company Announcements

  • Vision iNext at CES 2019: Up close with BMW’s plans for the future of driving
  • Startup GBatteries claims it can charge an EV as fast as it takes to pump gas
  • Here Mobility rolls out SoMo Social Mobility ride-sharing, carpooling app at CES 2019
  • Nissan’s Invisible-to-Visible technology for connected cars of the future (with video)
  • Rinspeed takes its Snap ecosystem one step further with the microSnap
  • Why I’m skeptical about Toyota’s approach to self-driving cars

Tech and Cities

  • Humans will accompany autonomous shuttles as they take over our cities
  • “Code Is the New Concrete” in Today’s Cities

Flying Cars

  • The Future of Personal Transportation–Driverless Heli-Taxi (CES 2019)
  • CES 2019: Flying taxis–Uber partner reveals design

2019 North American International Auto Show, articles from January 14-17, 2019

Stories about the Auto Show Itself

  • Vehicle rollouts take backseat to talk about future at Detroit auto show
  • Officials Hope Date Change Will Drive More Visitors to Detroit Auto Show (radio report)
  • No warm memories from Detroit’s final winter auto show
  • Opinion: Automakers will have to decide on the how to market auto shows to customers 

General Auto Industry Stories

  • At Detroit Auto Show, Reality Intrudes on the Fantasy
  • Automakers at Detroit show push fuel efficiency deal: ‘Time is running out’
  • Auto CEOs Wring Hands While Launching Vehicles at Detroit Auto Show 2019
  • Detroit Auto Show 2019: Car companies aren’t even trying to sell electric cars
  • Ford, VW advance alliance plans on vans, pickups
  • Why GM, Ford, Toyota are bringing dead cars back to life
  • Trade war slows China’s GAC Motor’s play for U.S. market 

Interviews by Industry Influencers

  • Detroit Auto Show 2019: Affordability tops concerns for NADA’s CEO Peter Welch
  • EV market ‘going to be a battle,’ warns Toyota chief at the Detroit Auto Show 2019
  • Industry must rein in spend on electric, self-driving cars: Magna CEO says at Detroit Auto Show 2019
  • GM CEO Mary Barra at the 2019 Detroit Auto Show: We have more products to build in U.S. 

Cars, Trucks and more Cars!

  • 2019 Detroit Auto Show Mega Photo Gallery
  • Auto Show biggest debuts: Shelby Mustang GT500, Ford Explorer and more
  • Muscle cars, trucks, and EVs roared into the subdued 2019 Detroit Auto Show
  • The 6 most exciting new cars at the 2019 Detroit auto show according to Autoblog.com
  • Autobon AI Wants To Turn All Trucks into Autonomous Trucks
  • Cadillac shocks Detroit Auto Show 2019 with electric SUV preview
  • Opinion: Will attaching the electrodes re-animate Cadillac?
  • ‘We’re going to electrify the F-Series,’ Ford exec says at the 2019 Detroit Auto Show
  • The most expensive Mustang ever just sold for $2.2 million
  • Nissan’s new EV Concept Car is a Luxury Sedan with 380 miles of Range

In next week’s Auto Tech Watch, I will finish up with the NAIAS and a special something from one of our members.

Until then, be safe out there!

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