War on Cars Watch for February 6, 2019

Welcome to the War on Cars Watch, a weekly blog to bring together all the stories that affect motorists with regards to street planning such as road diets, and traffic calming as well as programs such as Vision Zero and Complete Streets.

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Since the Watch was on vacation the Holiday Season the dates for this blog are from January 31–February 5, 2019.

Here are some National News Headlines concerning the War on Cars:

New leadership in the Congressional Transportation Committees are talking about a national vehicles miles tax possibility…especially for trucks:

The NTSB came out this week on their biannual recommendations for Congress:

The Nation stuck their foot into the commuting debate with this rant:

Curbed.com and USA Streetsblog both had their say on supporting congestion pricing…Ugh!

About time:

Our friend Joe Cadillic at the MassPrivatel Blog got this piece posted to ZeroHedge.com: 

Why does this title sound so ridiculous: . Here is another silly post about scooters:  .

Streetsblog USA complains again about Ridesharing:  

AAA actually has a good idea here:






Court Cases


  • A local Boulder newspaper columnist jumped in on the …an excellent read.
  • . The first one wants to push a yellow light between red and then green. The second is a bill that would ban Red-Light Cameras in the state.


  • Honolulu Mayor wants in the name of safety.




Seems the state is working against civil asset forfeiture reform!

North Dakota


South Carolina

Big series on Civil Asset Forfeiture in SC—hopefully the conclusions of this journalistic investigation will push reform in the state.

  • And our favorite:





Washington State

Headlines from around the World with a War on Cars Watch Focus

Editor’s Note: The oos does not condone violence of any kind to protest traffic issues.


  • A rather odd story but still seems a bit of a war on cars:




United Kingdom


This week’s Commentary from Oostwestthuisbest Base Executive Director James C. Walker

VMT taxes for any vehicles need to be opposed, whether voluntary or mandatory. Once the double-dip with fuel taxes and the fortunes to be made for the vendors are in place, they will be VERY hard to retract.

Truck speed limiters and differential truck speed limits are both anti-safety and should not be allowed.

Similarly, congestion pricing needs to be opposed because it is too regressive for lower income workers who have fixed work hours requiring travel during rush hour times.

When Road Diets remove two lanes of traffic on busy collectors and arterials to create bike lanes, it WILL create congestion at peak hours and likely cause diversion of some drivers to less safe smaller streets. Proponents’ claims to the contrary are almost always false. Look for the proliferation of scooters to increase the demand for more bike lanes.

Uber & Lyft are creating more congestion in many places and IF they ever come, so will autonomous vehicles. It is a LOT more pleasant to take an Uber ride than a bike ride in rain, cold or extreme heat.

Colorado, like Florida and Texas will try again to ban red-light cameras. Success requires not to have a few legislators block the bills from getting out of committees to the flow where they will likely pass.

15 mph speed limits on most US residential streets built for 25 or 30 is utter nonsense.

Bills to limit civil forfeiture are gaining support in several states.  We support this trend strongly.

Fight speed trap tickets in Ohio – and everywhere else – to make the rackets unprofitable.

AAA falsely claims to support proper speed limits, but in reality supports the lowest possible numbers painted on the signs to enable for-profit speed traps and unfair insurance premium surcharges to safe drivers to increase AAA profits. Fifty years ago, AAA was the friend of the motorist, but that stance died with the enormous growth of the for-profit speeding ticket industry beginning in the 1970s.

Many countries in Europe promoted the sales of diesel vehicles and kept the fuel cheaper than gasoline with different tax rates. Now many places want to ban or outrageously tax perfectly good condition diesel vehicles that have many more years of useful transportation life left. Rules that retroactively punish people for buying diesels that the governments promoted are simply wrong.

Spain, like France, wants to drastically increase revenues from under-posted speed traps which target mostly safe drivers. Using drones will make this money grab truly vicious.

Do read the British article from our counterparts in the Alliance of British Drivers.  They have the same issue in the UK.

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