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    I made some KONA COFFE & added some N.A. IRISH CREAM to the coffee it’s NON Alcohol , NA. I’m blow’n .OOO’s on it. for about 5 rolling tests and then the Damn Thing reads .023 and the frickin horn and lights are going on and off. people are looking at me like I’m telling them to get the hell out of my way. I’m in Heavy Traffic. tried to get over to the shoulder of the road, and wait for along frickin 2 mins. Screw’n around with that device, well I might as well floss my teeth, cut my nails, and TEXT. what’s the difference.

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    Bliddy Boh

    Sometimes even though something may say it is non-alcoholic but by federal guidelines if it is under a certain percentage it is allowed to say so. I’d be curious to write them to find out if there is a small percentage in it. Just like with trans fats…… If the amount is less than 0.5 trans fat per serving then the manufacturer is not required to list them. Some of them even lower the serving size on package in order to say it’s zero. Gotta stay informed.

    good Luck

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    Ignition Interlock Devices use fuel cells instead of infrared spectrometry. Because of fuel cell technology ignition interlock devices are sometimes misread other chemicals for ethyl alcohol. Flavored coffees are particularly known for triggering false IID readings, even though they contain no alcohol. It is believed that certain spices is the flavorings trigger the false readings.

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