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    I’d like to be added to the GA Super Speeder Fine class action suit.

    On October 16, 2013 I too was issued a traffic citation for speeding, the officer claimed I was going 87 MPH in a 70 zone! I informed the officer that I’m a law abiding good driver, do not agree with the 87 MPH speed and please requested a warning. Not! He gave me the ticket! I’m from Florida and can not go to a GA Court in December to fight this!
    The cost of the ticket is $250+ and 2 points then of course the Super Speeder Fine of $200! I called a GA Law Firm, who specializes in fighting these tickets and they want $350 up front with no guarantees they can reduce the speed, save you in points or even stop the GA Super Speeder Fine. When one adds all this up – we’re looking at possibly $800 with or without points OR $600 with or without points OR $450 with points!
    I’m not sure if the 2 points will even affect my auto insurance and if so, what’s that likely to cost in the long run?
    Weighing my options now, however, one thing is for sure – put me on for the Class Action Suit!

    I can be reached at [email protected]

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