New effort unveiled to ease NH vehicle inspection law

There’s no evidence New Hampshire motorists are safer because the state mandates that vehicles undergo a yearly safety inspection, says a state representative who is preparing legislation to ease that requirement. Rep. Casey Conley says under his proposal, a yearly computer check would still be required to make sure a vehicle’s emission system was operating properly, but safety items like brakes, tires and lights would not have to be examined. “New Hampshire is in the minority of states that have these safety inspections,” the Dover Democrat said in a telephone interview.

Manhattan, NY CB9 Big: Citi Bike Won’t Get ‘Our’ Parking Without A Fight (War on Cars Watch)

From the very beginning of bike share’s life in New York to its current expansion, Citi Bike has managed to remain a somehow controversial subject for community boards. Where parking will be the fight in Harlem, executives in Bushwick’s Community Board 4 suggested the neighborhood wasn’t safe enough to welcome bike share’s expansion. Through it all, Citi Bike has managed to grow into a reliable piece of New York’s transportation system with tens of thousands of rides every day, including a record 90,000- day last month.

Take Transit to the Airport — Cut the TSA Line

Airports around the country are finding new ways to cater to mass transit users to cut traffic and air pollution.

NYC Editorial: Battle lines are drawn in ‘car culture’ wars

Anyone tuned into city council news has likely heard Speaker Corey Johnson talk about “car culture” this past summer. The term is new, at least to the general public, referring to the preferential treatment cars receive over other types of transportation. In a city riddled with buses, subways, ferries and cabs, owning a car can feel to some like a hassle. But for many, especially in the outer boroughs, it can be a necessity to get from one place to another. That necessity can make car owners resistant to change. Improving all transit pretty much means cars need to make sacrifices, advocates say. Bike lanes often narrow traffic lanes, and dedicated bus lanes take over a general traffic lane for a good part of the day. Those can feel like major changes, especially to those not getting around on bikes or in buses. According to the U.S. Census, 58 percent of Bronx County households exist without cars, a statistic not too far off of New York City as a whole. But within Community Board 8, only 39 percent of households don’t have a car available, meaning more than 60 percent do. That statistic is evident on the streets inside CB8. Cars are parked bumper-to-bumper along many curbs, and even double-parked along busy corridors like Riverdale Avenue and Broadway.

New York City Council Speaker Corey Johnson floats more car bans in Manhattan (War on Cars Watch)

City Council Speaker Corey Johnson floated the idea of banning cars along two key Midtown Manhattan thoroughfares Monday, citing the similar prohibition on 14th Street. “I think the 14th Street bus story is very exciting. I think we should look at it on 34th, on 42nd, on these major thoroughfares,” Johnson said on WNYC Monday. He called the 14th Street pilot program that limits access to the busy crosstown corridor to vehicles making local deliveries “a raving success,” citing improved travel time for MTA buses using the route. “It’s something to build on and hopefully will be a model for other places in New York City,” he said. He said a report is due in November that will provide data about the 14th Street pilot. City and MTA data show that crosstown buses that once crawled are now moving 30 percent faster, causing ridership to soar.