Although t it would be cheaper for owners of driverless cars to have their vehicles circle the streets by themselves instead of paying for parking, it would increase traffic crowding.

Autonomous shuttle companies want to fill the first-mile, last-mile gaps in public transportation.

Democratic leaders of the House Energy and Commerce Committee requested a wide-ranging update on safety-related initiatives pending at the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration as part of a renewed oversight emphasis by the chamber.

A federal government watchdog study has recommended that federal regulators take steps to collect better data on underride guard crashes and share information with police departments in identifying underride crashes. “Although reported underride crash fatalities represent a small percentage of total traffic fatalities, they present a greater risk of fatalities or serious injuries,” said a report released this month by the Government Accountability Office.

MTA Bridges and Tunnels has asked companies to express their interest in implementing the tolls to enter Manhattan’s core.