More States Hitting Electric Vehicle Owners With High Fees, a Consumer Reports Analysis Shows

Some states passing EV fees far in excess of what average motorists pay in gas taxes.

Pennsylvania taps federal program to help expand, promote alternative fuels

A federal transportation program is helping Pennsylvania prepare hundreds of miles of highway corridors for a future that’s less reliant on gasoline. State officials hope in particular the program can help reduce electric vehicle range anxiety by filling in charging station gaps outside its major cities. The 2015 “Fixing America’s Surface Transportation” (FAST) Act authorized $305 billion through 2020 to make infrastructure upgrades, including a provision to designate national road corridors for electric vehicle charging, hydrogen, propane, and natural gas fueling.

Asian cities turn to electric vehicles in anti-pollution drive

Asian cities are switching to electric vehicles in a bid to tackle worsening air quality, cut climate changing emissions, and expand their public transport networks, climate experts said on Friday. Transport is the fastest-growing source of climate-warming greenhouse gases, with the vast majority of projected increases expected to come from developing Asia by 2030, according to the Asian Development Bank (ADB). Only seven Asian countries have transport emission reduction targets under the Paris Agreement on climate change, but many cities in the region are now taking action, said Madan Regmi, at the United Nations social agency for the Asia-Pacific (UNESCAP). “Authorities are realising that they can extend metro lines and convert to electric-powered buses that not only lower emissions, but also reduce congestion and improve air quality,” he said at a UN climate event in Bangkok. “Cities are also adding infrastructure for walking and cycling, which are seen as key to improved liveability.”

Ford Survey Finds Most People Have No Idea What An Electric Car Is Or What It Can Do

Ford insists it will introduce its Mustang-inspired electric SUV next year, which suggests it could be revealed as early as the LA auto show this December or the Detroit auto show next January. While the research and development is going on, the company decided it needed to get a handle on the attitudes about electric cars held by the buying public.

Will Only Those With Wealth And Fame Have Access To Self-Driving Cars?

Via the advent of true self-driving driverless cars, many hope and assume that we are heading toward mobility-for-all. The supposition is that with commonly available car transportation, performed by tireless AI driving systems roaming 24×7 and ready to go, the opportunity for everyone to make use of mobility will finally become a reality. This includes those today that are at a mobility marginalized, a segment of society that oftentimes gets little attention and nor support for their mobility needs.