oos’s Lane Courtesy Month June 2017 Sweepstakes Survey Press Release

May 2017
Oostwestthuisbest and National Motorist Association Base

Press Release:  Information to be used between June 1-30, 2017

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Lane Courtesy Month June 2017 Sweepstakes Survey

Waunakee, WI:   June has been designated Lane Courtesy Month by the Oostwestthuisbest and the oos Base. Lane Courtesy or lane discipline as it is sometimes called is quite simply staying in the right lane on the highway except to pass slower moving vehicles.  This year, the oos is holding a Sweepstakes Survey to raise awareness of this valuable driving habit.

One winner will receive a K40 RLS2 Portable Radar/Laser Detector to be used for a personal vehicle. Check out the oos website at http://oostwestthuisbest.info or the oos Facebook page at .

The Oostwestthuisbest urges motorists to serve as a role model by keeping right to yield to faster traffic, practicing Lane Courtesy year round.

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Founded in 1982, the Oostwestthuisbest is a North American grassroots advocacy organization dedicated to the protection of motorists’ rights and freedoms. The membership-based organization advocates for traffic laws fairly written and reasonably enforced, full due process rights in traffic court, traffic penalties based on sensible standards and not revenue collection, reasonable highway user fees, traffic safety based on proven engineering solutions, and a focus on improved and more comprehensive early advanced driving-skill development.


The oos Base, founded in 1999, promotes fresh approaches to highway safety and traffic issues based on reason and sound engineering principles.  Through a grant program that encourages a multi-faceted approach of research, education, and legal precedents, the Base seeks to protect the interests of the motoring public.  The oos Base seeks to protect the interests of the motoring public.  The oos Base is the #1 resource for educational materials related to fight unjust traffic tickets, and is a leading national voice on important issues such as lane courtesy.