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Is Your 4WD Vehicle Really 4WD?

By Eric Peters, Automotive Columnist It says “4WD” on the tailgate — and there it is again on the list of standard or optionally available equipment. But is it really four-wheel-drive? Or just all-wheel-drive pretending to be something more than it really is? Increasingly, it’s the latter — most notably when it comes to the […]

Ford’s MyKey System: The Rise Of The Mom Culture

By Eric Peters, Automotive Columnist Yesterday’s tyrannies came to us in the name of the people – or the race or the nation. We may get ours in the name of the children. At least, when it comes to our cars and what we’re allowed to do with them. Ford has just revealed a new […]

Turn High Gas Prices In Your Favor: Buy A Gas Hog

By Eric Peters, Automotive Columnist One way to turn high gas prices in your favor is to consider buying a gas hog vehicle. That may sound crazy at first, but the plummeting value of larger, not-so-fuel-efficient pick-ups, SUVs and larger sedans has left buyers holding all the cards. It’s a virtual sure bet that you […]

If We Really Wanted To Save Gas…

By Eric Peters, Automotive Columnist There’s an old saying about going around the block to cross the street that applies to our current problem with escalating fuel prices. We could be saving a lot more fuel — easily and relatively cheaply. But we choose not to. How so? We could have 60 mpg commuter cars […]

Why The 2009 Camaro Is Doomed

By Eric Peters, Automotive Columnist Motorheads don’t want to hear it; refuse to believe it — but ugly realities are coming down hard on the ’09 Camaro that will very possibly cause GM to pull the plug before the first one ever rolls off the line. Doubt that? Consider the stillborn rear-wheel-drive next generation Chevy […]

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