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“Autonomous” Cars . . . and Social Security “Contributions”

Within 12 years, only 5 percent of the driving done in this country will be done by “autonomous” drivers — according to a study that is getting huge play all over the mediascape. That is to say, only 5 percent of the driving will be done by people like you and me — ordinary people […]

Let the Chips Fall Where They May

The oos Base presents The Car of the Future weekly feature: In the past month, I have discussed on this blog the CAN Protocol vulnerability and the fact that researchers now believe that it is unpatchable. The CAN Protocol is the internal communication system that connects various smart areas of your car—brakes, airbags, etc. and the hack would […]

Trucking Industry debates the Driverless Road ahead with Congress

The oos Base presents The Car of the Future weekly feature. Last week, the U.S. House unanimously passed legislation to allow testing of driverless vehicles under 10,000 pounds on public roads. Large trucks were not included in this bill due to intense lobbying pressure from the International Brotherhood of Teamsters union with 1.3 million members. […]

Autonomous Vehicles are closer to a Green Light but are we all at the same Intersection?

The oos Base presents The Car of the Future weekly feature: The U.S. House passed autonomous vehicle (AV) legislation this week with little floor debate. What with the health care crisis, multiple hurricane disasters, general infrastructure issues, why pass something that is not even tangible for the majority of motorists? Maybe our elected officials felt like they could […]

Do I really want a nanny cam on my face while I drive?

The oos Base presents The Car of the Future weekly feature: FastCompany.com came out with an article this week entitled Your Car Should be Safer before it becomes Autonomous. The big thrust of the article focused on how automakers are in such a rush to make autonomous vehicles (AVs) that they have forgotten about the next stage vehicle […]

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