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Two search and seizure cases from Massachusetts

The Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court decided two cases recently about how far police can go when drivers of a car are probably up to no good but there’s no real evidence. Park near home In Commonwealth v. Martin the court ruled against police who chased a kid into his house. Three people were sitting in […]

Convert this

In 2013 Chelmsford, Massachusetts police officer Todd Ahern stole a car to pressure a woman into testifying against her ex. This according to a jury verdict upheld by the First Circuit Court of Appeals in May. A suspect’s ex-girlfriend had his car. Police towed the car with her belongings inside, got a warrant, searched the […]

Who really did it?

What would you do if you woke up in the hospital, the last thing you remembered was being at home with your wife, and they told you had killed a man by driving drunk and you were going to prison? That happened to a Massachusetts man a few years ago. They said he suddenly swerved […]

Acting tough

Like Hillary Clinton, Mitt Romney spent decades running for president and lost. Part of his plan was to appear tough on crime with a capital punishment bill so narrowly drafted that it would never be used (and so could never be used against him). Lawmakers rejected his bill and positioned themselves as tough on drunk […]

Remembering a toll opponent

One of the few people who treated the Big Dig as anything other than a blank check died recently. To quote the Cape Cod Times, Christy Mihos, “a grandson of Greek immigrants who was born in Brockton, became famous in the early 2000s as vice chairman of the Massachusetts Turnpike Authority when he predicted the […]