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A peaceful, easy feeling

The Mayor of Melrose, Massachusetts showed his contempt for the people recently. Faced with overwhelming evidence that everybody thinks the speed limit too low — “It’s not just teenagers. It’s moms, it’s dads, it’s senior citizens.” — he asked police to write more tickets and is working with the City Council to create even more […]

Pot makes police paranoid

As I predicted last spring, the campaign against recreational marijuana in Massachusetts is warning of the danger to police running speed traps. It’s an emotional plea from people who have no idea what they are talking about. In Colorado, where pot is legal de jure, and California, where it is legal de facto, fatalities track […]

What speed limits are for

As I wrote last month, a new Massachusetts law allows cities to create speed traps. Chicopee is about to be the first city to pass an ordinance in response to this law. A city councilor justified reducing speed limits on two streets: “They are used as cut-through streets.” So Chicopee speed limits are meant to […]

Is hitting the wrong pedal a crime?

Last spring there was an unusual fatal crash in my area. Two people were run over by a car. The unusual part was, they were inside a restaurant at the time. So the incident got more coverage than usual. This week, the driver was arraigned on motor vehicle homicide charges. Based on the coverage the […]

Another day, another octagon

A four way stop appeared at an intersection I use regularly, Lexington and Beech in Belmont, Massachusetts. I wondered, “should I stop?” That I had to ask shows how confrontational the relationship between government and drivers is. Most stop signs are posted for nuisance value. View Larger Map The town engineer says there’s a reason […]