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It takes two

It often happens that two careless drivers combine to create an accident either could have avoided. A police officer turned on emergency lights, opened the car door, and a passing car hit the door. The police department used the opportunity to write about the “move over” law. The law does not specifically prohibit hitting a […]

Taxation, theft, and gouging

I knew a woman who habitually jammed parking meters to get free parking. It seemed like theft to me. Parking meters were supposed to encourage sharing of scarce real estate. Were. It doesn’t feel like theft any more, now that Massachusetts cities and towns are encourged to dig deep into drivers’ pockets. The new law […]

Scenes we’d like to see

As 2016 ends, here is some news to watch for in 2017. Michigan may move to the Western conference. A bill awaiting the governor’s signature requires speed limit increases, and should result in 75 mph speed limits on freeways and 65 mph speed limits on two lane roads. It will also require local governments to […]

Take your hand out of that cookie jar

There is often tension between the driving majority and the few who have the ear of town officials. The majority asks for 35 mph speed limits, and is outvoted by a handful who demand 25 and ask why they can’t have 15. The Massachusetts legislature recently gave control to the latter group, except in towns […]

Tipping the balance

John Basler was going double the speed limit at more than double the BAC limit when he hit another car head on. Both women in the other car died. Why isn’t he serving five years for manslaughter? Because officers from the Massachusetts State Police crash unit said he was sober and the other driver was […]