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It’s like “Operation” with cars

The First Circuit Court of Appeals recently ducked an opportunity to clarify a common pretext for traffic stops. A police officer got a tip that a man might have some drugs. But we can’t just go around searching cars because there might be drugs inside. Not in America. We wait for the car wheels to […]

It’s a trap

We were driving down Beaver Street in Salem when suddenly we were faced with a pair of DO NOT ENTER signs and no place to turn around. As the driver made a dangerous K-turn, I explained that the signs were illegal. Under Massachusetts law, roads can’t turn from two-way to one-way except at an intersection. […]

Who’s watching?

I wrote previously about a crash in Springfield, Massachusetts in which four young people died. A followup article has a lesson about how much we are watched, and how little watching prevents crime. On January 17 a car with five occupants crashed into a tree while fleeing police. Only one person survived. He was identified […]

Custom vs. law

Due to lack of safe parking — I was the victim of a hit-and-run in the Alewife garage — I often walk the last mile to work. Drivers are very courteous at the crosswalks. They stop for pedestrians on the curb waiting to cross. I’m not sure that’s legal — it may be considered standing […]

How closed is “closed”?

Brookfield, Massachusetts officials posted a fake bridge closed sign to keep nonresidents from using an open bridge. MassDOT said they should take the sign down. That was unusual. The DOT hates to tell towns “no”, even though policing sign use is part of its job. Maybe there’s one guy in the Worcester office who let […]