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Move Over Law Impacts More than Law Enforcement

Move Over Law Impacts More than Law Enforcement

South Carolina law requires that motorists slow down and, if possible, move over into an adjacent lane when they see first responders working in the roadway. The goal of the law is the protection of first responders, but the law also directly impacts those assisting first responders – specifically, tow truck drivers, who often are […]

It takes two

It often happens that two careless drivers combine to create an accident either could have avoided. A police officer turned on emergency lights, opened the car door, and a passing car hit the door. The police department used the opportunity to write about the “move over” law. The law does not specifically prohibit hitting a […]

Math is hard. Let’s go shopping.

I got an email about my recent implication that move over laws are dangerous. As they say on Wikipedia, citation needed. “Move over” laws, if you’ve been doing real work instead of reading news for the past 20 years, allow police to ticket drivers who don’t slow down and/or move over when passing stationary vehicles […]

Trendy traps

I returned from vacation last summer to find I was supposed to pay for a plastic bag in the supermarket. My city had banned single use plastic bags. Now there aren’t any plastic bags blowing around my neighborhood. There weren’t any before, either, but the motive wasn’t really to stop a nonexistent litter problem. The […]