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Florida Highway Patrol Ticket Quota Exposed

A recent article in the St. Petersburg Times highlighted the story of a Florida Highway Patrol trooper who has accused the department of firing him because he didn’t write enough tickets. The Highway Patrol predictably denied having a ticket quota. They said that the officer was fired for not meeting “performance standards.”  This is a […]

How To Fight A Michigan Speeding Ticket

The Detroit News is in the middle of a series of articles on speed limits. One of their articlese, excerpted below, gives a good overview of how to fight a speeding ticket in Michigan: But motorists often lose their cases because they aren’t aware of a recently enacted state law that opens the door for […]

Red-Light Camera Contracts Incentivize Ticketing Innocent Drivers

TheNewspaper.com recently published an interesting story on red-light camera ticket quotas in Los Angeles County and Roseville, California. The quota is explained in this excerpt: The contract sets as the baseline that the company must issue 25 tickets for every 100 alleged violations recorded by the machine. These recordings include any number of situations where […]

If You Didn’t Believe Ticket Quotas Existed Before, You Will Now

A ticket quota is a policy that encourages or requires officers to give out a certain number of traffic tickets regardless of how many people are actually violating the law. Here’s a quick roundup of stories from this year where ticket quotas were discovered around the country. November Washington State Police Use Ticket Quotas Officials […]