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The V2V Bee Hive

The V2V Bee Hive

Ayn Rand, for all her quirks, had some solid things to say. One of these was that civilization exists — or declines — in proportion to privacy. The less privacy you’ve got, the more uncivilized the society in which you live. Which is why this business of Vehicle-to-Vehicle (V2V) technology is so extremely uncivilized. It […]

Are Self-Driving Semi-Trucks the Future of Interstate Shipping?

Automated driving tech is no longer science fiction, but its focus has been largely set on the passenger car. In fact, the U.S. Department of Transportation may mandate that new light vehicles be equipped with autonomous systems by 2019. The main reason is to minimize driver error, which is responsible for the overwhelming majority of […]

Is it Time to Embrace Advanced Vehicle Safety Technologies?

As our roads get busier and driving becomes ever-more challenging, advanced driver safety technologies present effective ways of keeping both ourselves and our passengers out of harm’s way. We all like to think we’re good drivers. After all, every one of us passed our test, right? But the automotive world is changing at break-neck pace, […]

Is Vehicle to Vehicle (V2V) Communications at a Crossroads?

The oos Base presents the Car of the Future weekly feature: The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s (NHTSA) deadline for comments on the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards: V2V Communications was April 13. In the two weeks before the deadline, a flurry of auto industry groups, privacy NGO’s and safety advocates made haste with comments and released them […]

Cars That Talk to Each Other Are Much Easier to Spy On

DIGITALLY CONNECTING CARS to each other and to highway infrastructure promises to drastically reduce collisions and traffic jams. But that wireless vehicular chatter comes at a cost to your privacy: A car that never shuts up may be a lot easier to track. Researchers at the Universities of Twente in the Netherlands and Ulm in […]